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From start to finish, we are there with you.  No need to have multiple doctor visits or referrals.  Sleep Apnea DFW is the only stop you have to make to start sleeping better and living better.

One Call. One Stop. Sleep Apnea DFW.

  • Comfortable sleep study in your own bed
  • In-house sleep physician so no other doctor/office to visit
  • Custom made, allergen-free, long-lasting oral appliance
  • Superior acoustic diagnostic technology
  • Digital scans instead of gagging on dental impressions
  • Maintenance-free oral appliance
  • Covered by medical insurance
  • We offer in-office or at home visits

This Is How We Are Different

We use the sound acoustic technology to know exactly how to make your sleep appliance effective for you.  Some dentists arbitrarily will make sleep appliances and hope it works but cannot offer any real-time diagnostics to verify whether it is effective.  Our diagnostic technology is quick, non-invasive, and extremely accurate. We get it right the first time!

We Come to You

We offer in-office or at home treatment.  If you are bedbound, unable to drive or get transportation, work from home, or simply just want to be seen in the privacy of your house, we have mobilized our office to provide treatment in the comfort of your own home!

Ready To Get Started?

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